R[name redacted]

R[name redacted] handles fetching data from the [name redacted] financial data application from within R. Both the application and the R package are named after the mayor of New York City, whose name has been stricken from this site following a misguided request from the data service provider.

The PDF Manual has temporarily been removed.

Troubleshooting & Help

Please read the help page if you are having difficulty with R[name redacted].

Installing Latest (Development) R[name redacted]

To install the latest daily build of the development version of R[name redacted] from this site:

install.packages("R[name redacted]",repos="")

Compiling R[name redacted] from Source

If you wish to compile R[name redacted] as an R package yourself, you will need to download and install R Tools, and read the instructions for compiling R packages on Windows which is slightly more involved than on other platforms.

The R[name redacted] source is available to download from the R-Forge project page, or by checking it out from the Bazaar repository:

bzr branch